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Review and Act on the DEP Audit

Eugene DePasquale

The Auditor General's report and assessment of the deficiencies within the DEP accurately tells the story of an agency that was unprepared to deal with shale gas development's impacts on our water supply and, by extension, our communities.

The audit confirms that basic reforms are needed to address the harms communities are experiencing from shale gas development in the Commonwealth.  

Urge your legislators to review and act on the audit today!


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Ensure the DEP can do its job

Dear [Decision Maker],

Last week, Pennsylvania's Auditor General office released a performance audit of the Department of Environmental Protection's handling of water quality complaints related to shale gas development. Auditor General Eugene DePasquale stated that the audit "...shows that the meteoric growth of the shale gas industry caught the Department of Environmental Protection unprepared to effectively administer laws and regulations to protect drinking water and unable to efficiently respond to citizen complaints".

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the General Assembly to ensure that DEP has the resources to implement these recommendations. The full audit report is available at:

I urge you to read the report and ensure that DEP has the resources needed.

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