Clean Water? It's About Dam Time!

Removing the Ballville Dam would improve water quality of the Sandusky River and Lake Erie by encouraging fish diversity, creating habitat, and allowing passage.

However, this old dam packs 100 years of potentially contaminated sediment and silt that needs to be removed and disposed of properly or it could fuel the Toxic Algae Crisis.

Support the safe removal of the Ballville Dam and urge officials to take all precautions necessary to ensure mussel, fish, and macroinvertebrate restoration. Demand that they also test the sediment and silt behind the dam to ensure it meets Clean Water Standards and does not negatively impact the Lake Erie watershed. 

Watch the National Geographic video of the Condit Dam Removal in Washington in 2011 to see the impact sediment can have



  • Ms. Heather Allamon
  • Mr. Brian Elkington


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Ballviille Dam Comments, Make Improving Water Quality Your Priority # 1

Dear  [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to provide public comment for the Ballville Dam Removal.

It is necessary to remove the Ballville dam in order to restore the hydrology and ecology of the Sandusky River - back to its original natural state. I applaud your plans to include restoration of mussel populations, allow fish passage, and expand macroinvertebrate habitats.

However, I am concerned about the release of sediments behind Ballville Dam and strongly feel that you should consider water quality as the project's top priority.

I support the removal of the Ballville dam if it improves water quality. Please ensure that:

1.) All sediment and silt materials meet standards of the Clean Water Act prior to being released. If any material exceeds the Clean Water Act standards, then it will be removed and placed in a confined disposal facility rather than released.

2.) Measures, such as a gate, will be implemented to stop the flow of sediments from the impoundment, in case unexpected problems occur.

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