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2012 Chevron refinery fire

2012 Richmond Chevron Oil Refinery fire. Photo via

Chevron is planning to spend $1 billion for a “modernization project” to retrofit its oil refinery located in the City of Richmond. On this surface this might sound like a good idea, but in reality the project will expand Chevron’s ability to process high-sulfur crude oil, which is highly corrosive and dangerous.

Thousands of residents live in the shadow of the oil refinery, breathing toxic emissions that are known to be carcinogenic and damaging to respiratory and neurological health. These same communities live under constant threat of a disaster, as happened in 2012, when a fire and explosion at the Richmond Chevron Oil Refinery caused thousands of residents to seek medical attention.

Putting the safety and health of the local communities ahead of profit-maximizing oil interests, the Richmond City Planning Commission on July 11 recommended an “alternative project” that would require Chevron to strengthen its safety measures and cap emissions at their current rate. Chevron is appealing the emissions restriction before the Richmond City Council on July 22. Then, on July 29, the city council will decide whether to adopt the Richmond Planning Commission’s recommendation or Chevron’s appeal.

Please send a letter to the Richmond City Council urging them to uphold the Richmond Planning Commission’s recommended “alternative project” and deny Chevron’s appeal. Feel free to modify the middle section of the email, letting city officials know why this issue is important to you.

And please join us at the Richmond City Council meeting, July 29 at 5:30 pm, where you can make a public comment on behalf of public safety and the enironment. The meeting will be held at the Richmond Civic Auditorium, located at 400 Civic Plaza.


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I support capping toxic-air emissions and strengthening safety measures at the Chevron Richmond Oil Refinery. The Richmond City Planning Commission has recommended the "alternative project" that reduces emissions and protects the health of communities bordering the oil refinery.

The "clean safe jobs" permit will create critically-needed health, safety, and climate protections for our community and workers. Please support the "clean safe jobs" permit and deny Chevron's appeal.

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