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Clean Water Rule


The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers publicly released a proposed Clean Water Rule to clarify the scope of the Clean Water Act. There are efforts in Congress to derail this rule.

Ask your federal legislators to support clarifying the scope of the Clean Water Act, which is critical to restoring protections for the small streams and wetlands that contribute to our drinking water supplies, filter out pollutants, protect fish, and help to protect us from flooding.  



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Please Support the Clean Water Rule

Dear [Decision Maker],

I care about clean water and I support the Clean Water Rule, finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers are enforcing the Clean Water Act and other environmental laws; that's what they have been doing under Republican and Democratic Administration since the Clean Water Act was created by President Nixon. The Clean Water Act is written and applied to protect clean waters, the lifeblood of communities, businesses, agriculture, energy development, and hunting and fishing across the nation. The rule lists the types of waters that science shows should always be covered under the Clean Water Act.

You may hear that the Clean Water Rule will encroach on farming activities. This is not true, according to the National Farmers Union. Normal farming practices are exempt under the rule. Any normal farming activity that does not result in a point source discharge of pollutants still does not require a permit.

We should thank the EPA and the Corps of Engineers for their efforts to ensure clean water under the Clean Water Act.

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