Tell Big Tobacco: Stop testing cigarettes on animals!

In one recent "study," Philip Morris -- maker of Marlboro cigarettes -- pumped cigarette smoke directly into rats' noses for six straight hours per day, 90 days in a row. In another study, RJ Reynolds -- the corporation behind Camel and Pall Mall -- spread cigarette tar across the skin of 1,000 mice and rats, many of whom died.

We already know that cigarettes kill. Big Tobacco lied about that for decades, but the truth is out now -- so what's the point of this testing?

Cigarettes destroy voices - so it's up to you to be the new voice for these animals! You might not be a Philip Morris or RJ Reynolds customer, but they hate negative attention, and an avalanche of 75,000 SierraRise signatures will certainly have them feeling the pressure.

Sign the petition to RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris below: No more testing cigarettes on helpless animals!

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Photo credit: Flickr user Artur Malinowski, CC BY-2.0

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