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The Salmonberry Corridor project is an encouraging attempt to help realize the recreational potential of Oregon's North Coast and link coastal communities and the Willamette Valley with a non-motorized trail. The 16 mile segment through the Salmonberry Canyon should be left wild and remote!

I support the efforts of the Salmonberry Corridor Coalition to develop a recreation corridor that connects the Willamette Valley with the Oregon Coast. It is a terrific vision with great promise.

I am deeply concerned, however, by the potential effects of projects on the Salmonberry River.

The Salmonberry has historically had a strong run of wild steelhead. The Salmonberry Canyon has a wild and remote character that is rare in Northwest Oregon. Hikers, hunters, and anglers appreciate the difficulty of accessing the area: it adds to the experience.

Pollution related to the historic railroad and to road and logging-related activities in the headwaters have caused serious damage to the Salmonberry.

I do not support efforts to rebuild or reopen the railroad on any part of the Salmonberry, nor am I in favor of a hardened path or new roads in the Salmonberry.

I DO support a primitive trail utilizing the existing rail bed in some sections, while departing from the rail bed in areas that pose risks to water quality.

Most importantly, however, I support short-term activities that will assess, stabilize, mitigate, and eliminate the ongoing effects of past failures of the railroad and logging roads in the Salmonberry.

There is great potential for the Salmonberry Corridor to connect Oregonians to the beautiful North Coast, but that cannot come at the cost of further harm of the Salmonberry River.

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