Green Infrastructure Solutions to Stormwater Pollution

Sierra Club Water Sentinels have been working hard to make sure green infrastructure projects are truely benefiting the enviroment.  The Combined Sewer Overflow project below in a Cincinnati public park is supposedly "green", however, water monitioring shows elevated levels of pollution.   

Together we have been working to make Ohio's waterways better, stand with us again today to raise the bar and hold public/sewer utilities accountable for water quality.  


CSO525 edit.png CSO warning sign.jpg

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  • Cincinnati City Council
  • Cincinnati City Manager
  • Mayor of Cincinnati John Cranley
  • Commissioner Greg Hartmann
  • Commissioner Chris Monzel
  • Director Tony Parrott
  • commissioner Todd Portune


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Please say Yes to Stormwater Regulations and No to Sewage in our Streams

Dear [Decision Maker],

I support the County's proposed storm water separation rules to protect water quality, eliminate sewage pollution, meet water quality standards and make cost-effective use of sewer rates.

Storm water must be separated from our sewer systems in ways that do not increase water pollution. Public utilities should be transparent, engage the public, and be held accountable for their actions. We need to continue efforts to stop sewer overflows and polluted storm water runoff.

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