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The Coal Free Oklahoma Campaign will not only ensure that no new coal plants or expansions will be permitted in this state, but also focus on the need to phase out existing coal plants to protect the health and safety of our citizens. There's a lot going on and several ways you can help keep our air clean.
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Stop The Oklahoma Cover-Up

We now have more earthquakes in Oklahoma than anywhere else in the country. Surprised? 
So far in 2014, Oklahoma has had more than 200 earthquakes, more than one per day. Just five years ago, that number was just two... per year. 

We don't think of these earthquakes as man-made -- but the facts say otherwise. 

Study after study has linked these earthquakes to the usage of injection wells across the state. But for oil and gas companies, the data is never good enough. Like the cigarette industry before them, these companies want to cover up an uncomfortable truth -- and it's putting our families and property in danger. 

Demand that the oil and gas companies of Oklahoma face the truth. 


  • Ronnie Irani


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These earthquakes are man-made and you know it

Dear [Decision Maker],

It's time to stop denying the truth: Oklahoma's earthquakes are man-made.

The science is done and the data is clear: We have more earthquakes in the Sooner State than anywhere else in the US, and study after study have linked the increase in earthquakes to the usage of injection wells across the state.

You can try to cover up the truth, but it's not going to work. Like the cigarette industry before you, you're just treading water until the public catches on. You know it, and we know it.

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