Demand Great Lakes Funding Protects Lake Erie


Do you care about Lake Erie and want to see federal funds help restore Ohio's coastline? The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is asking for public comments and you can help target these funds to solve Lake Erie's most critical problems. 

Take Action Today! Target GLRI Funds to Save Lake Erie

Here are the four recommendations for projects that we ask GLRI to consider funding: 

1) Keep Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes;

2) Include Climate Resiliency amd Climate Change planning; 

3) Reduce nutrient loads from agricultural watersheds, including both commercial fertilizers and manure run-off, and include an initative that addresses sediment practices;

4) Ensure environmental justice for communities and those underrepresented who are impacted by poor water quality in the Great Lakes watershed.

Will you stand up for Clean Water in Ohio? 



  • Pranas Pranckevicius


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing because I want to protect Ohio's greatest natural resource - Lake Erie - and want to be assured that the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding targets Lake Erie's most significant problems.

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