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Stop Coal Plants From Poisoning The Children of Maryland

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For thousands of children across Maryland, the air they breathe is poison. These kids suffer from asthma, in part because of four antiquated coal plants that are dumping millions of tons of filthy smoke into the atmosphere, giving Maryland the worst air quality on the East Coast.

These four coal factories are poisoning Maryland's children, leading to permanent health problems. But we have the power to shut these polluters down. Our children have the legal right to breathe safe, clean air as they walk to school, play outside, and try to live their young lives.

Let’s make it safe for our children to breathe again.


  • Robert Summers


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This is a moral imperative

Dear [Decision Maker],

For thousands of kids across Maryland, the air they breathe is poison. You know it. I know it. And we even know the cause.

Dirty coal plants like Crane and Wagner pose a significant and urgent health threat to every Maryland resident, not just our children. These plants lack modern pollution safeguards necessary to protect our health.

As a result, while our kids walk to school, play outside, and try to live their lives, they're breathing in dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These toxic pollutants contribute to Baltimore having the highest emissions-related mortality rate of large cities in the country.

This is a moral imperative, Secretary Summers: We must close or upgrade these plants immediately. You have the power -- and the support from people like me -- to move ahead with strong, health-protective limits on pollution. You can require every coal plant in the state to install and operate modern pollution controls.

You can end the everyday poisoning of our children by setting the strongest pollution standards possible for this state. You can do this -- and, even better, it's the right thing to do.

Thank you for your consideration, and I'm ready to help in any way I can.

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