Preserve Green Space in South Portland!

On Monday, June 16, at 7:00 p.m., the South Portland City Council will discuss the future of a 2.33 acre undeveloped public green space at the corner of Westbrook and Main Streets. The city has proposed selling or leasing the green space to Dunkin Donuts to build a 24 hour drive-through store.South Portland Green Space

At the meeting on Monday, the Council will vote on whether to adopt the Thornton Heights Commercial zone, which would permit the City to sell the public green space.  Councilors Tom Blake, Michael Pock, and Patti Smith are opposed to the rezoning, but the whole council needs to hear that residents do not want to sell public green space for private development.

Please contact City Council Members before Monday's meeting to let them know that you expect them to protect public green space in South Portland!

Also please also come to Monday’s Council meeting (starting at 7:00 pm) to tell City Council that that public green space is more important to your community than a drive-through donut shop.

Thanks again for all that you do to protect South Portland’s environment.



  • Council Member - District 2 Patricia 'Patti' Smith
  • City Manager James Gailey
  • Council Member - At-Large Maxine Beecher
  • Council Member - At-Large Tom Blake
  • Council Member - District 3 Melissa Linscott
  • Mayor - District 4 Linda C. Cohen


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Dear  [Decision Maker],

I urge you to preserve the the park parcel at the corner of Westbrook and Main Streets! This parcel should be removed from the Thornton Heights Commercial zone. This land should be maintained as green space instead of accommodating a 24-hour drive through.

I hope the Council recognizes the public support for the protection of this parcel and consequently excludes it from the zone. Thank you for helping keep South Portland green!

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