Tell Walmart: Don't be the GMO salmon store!

Genetically engineered salmon -- "frankenfish" -- is real, and it's potentially very dangerous. But Walmart refuses to say they won't sell it in their stores.

Big Ag has spliced genes from Pacific salmon into unrelated Atlantic salmon. These GMO fish threaten the survival of already-endangered wild salmon -- and because this is a new drug for animals, the FDA's approval process isn't focused on the people who eat the fish. If they ignore the nearly 2 million public comments asking them not approve this risky and unlabeled food, we'll have no idea what our families are eating or what it means for our health!

More than 60 major supermarkets -- including Target, Safeway, Kroger, and Whole Foods -- have made commitments to not carry GMO salmon. 50,000 messages from SierraRise supporters like you will make sure Walmart knows how far they've fallen behind.

Walmart cares about their bottom line, so when the public speaks out, their CEO listens. Your voice can make a difference -- send your message below today!

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