Stop the White Mountain National Forest Clear-cut!

White Mountain

Sierra Club Maine supports the efforts of the citizen group Western Maine Against Deforestation to stop an ill-conceived U.S. Forest Service plan that allows clear cut logging in certified buffer zones protecting the Caribou-Speckle Mountain Wilderness region in western Maine. 

The “Albany South” plan would remove nine million board feet of timber in an area that directly abuts an ongoing logging operation of 11 million board feet. Total impacted acreage; over half of Maine’s White Mountain National Forest. 

The clear-cutting operation would pollute Kezar, Keewaydin and Virginia Lakes due to insufficient streamside buffers, a critical driver for degrading lake quality, and would require thousands of logging truck trips on steep winding forest roads.

Please tell the US Forest Service that our public forests should be protected, and demand that they conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement for their harmful logging plan. 

The more people sign, the louder our voice.

Thanks for all that you do to protect Maine’s forests.

P.S.: For more information on this clear-cutting plan and to get involved, see and join this Facebook group


  • District Ranger Katie Stuart, U.S. Forest Service


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Protect the White Mountain National Forest

Dear U.S. Forest Service, [Decision Maker],

I strongly oppose the ill-conceived Albany South logging proposal in certified buffer zones of the Caribou-Speckle Mountain Wilderness region in western Maine.

I urge the Forest Service to conduct a full environmental impact study of your deforestation plan so that your agency and the public will have the necessary information to evaluate the project.

As a taxpayer, I expect the U.S. Forest Service to protect our public forests which the National Carbon Trust advises are more valuable left standing as carbon stores.

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