Tell the Ohio Legislature: Don't Raise My Bill for Dirty Energy!



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The Ohio legislature continues to aggressively move forward with legislation that will gut our cleanenergy and efficiency standards.  Now comes breaking news that they want YOU to pay for their plan to kill the future.

Economic analysis of the legislation has shown that if it becomes law, Ohioans will pay as much as $150 more to meet their current electricity needs.  Business owners can expect to pay significantly more each month as well.  Meanwhile, Ohio utilities will rake in millions of dollars in increased revenue continuing to burn fossil fuels while clean energy and energy efficiency is ground to a halt.


This is a plot against the future fueled by corporate greed and an utter disregard for everyday Ohioans.  Ohioans deserve better than this.  Ohioans must fight back.

It’s time to get angry and take action. Send a message to Ohio’s elected officials; tell them to leave Ohio’s clean energy and efficiency standards alone.


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