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Thank Sen. Mark Warner for Supporting Wind Power!

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Good news!

This past week, Senator Mark Warner joined in a bi-partisan vote in the Senate Finance Committee to extend the tax incentives for wind power which had expired the end of last year.

Please take this occasion to thank Sen. Warner for this vote and to urge him to speak up for action on climate change. 


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Thank You for Voting for Wind Power!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for your vote this past week to re-authorize tax incentives for wind power.

Climate change is an urgent matter that requires your attention. I urge you to speak out in favor of the US EPA efforts to limit carbon pollution from new and existing fossil fuel power plants.

The sooner we move forward with offshore wind, the sooner we can retire more of the dirty fossil fuel power plants that pollute our air and degrade our climate. Thank you again for your support of offshore wind power.

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