Tell PBS station WGBH: Dump David Koch from your board!

From "NOVA" and "Bill Nye the Science Guy" to Carl Sagan's original "Cosmos," PBS has inspired the same deep awe for science in generations of Americans. That's why it's so disappointing that David Koch, one of the fossil-fuel billionaire Koch Brothers, is on the board of WGBH!

It's all so upside-down. WGBH is the Boston PBS station that produces both "NOVA" and "Frontline" -- but Koch not only funds politicians who want to cut Big Bird's funding, he's also given over $67 million to climate-denial groups!

The Koch brothers routinely put profit before science. Their climate denial has no place in the esteemed halls of PBS, and can only hurt the public's trust in the network.

It's up to you to tell this major PBS station: Don't risk your credibility! Remove David Koch from your board at once!

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Elmo love WGBH! Elmo not love Koch lies.

Image via Forecast the Facts.

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