Ask the Obama Administration to protect western Oregon's forests

The Obama Administration and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have the opportunity - through BLM's latest plan revision process - to modernize management of western Oregon forests to reflect the public values Oregonians hold dear: clean water, protected old-growth forests, healthy populations of fish and wildlife, and world-class recreation.

The recently released "planning criteria" and draft alternatives for the plan revision focus more on producing timber at the expense of stream and wildlife protections, carbon storage, and quality of life in rural western Oregon. 

Please take a moment to speak up for our backyard forests by sending the letter below. You are encouraged to personalize your comments with information about any personal experiences or specific places you care about on BLM lands, and things you value from these public lands such as drinking water, recreation, and wildlife habitat.

Thank you for speaking up for these public forests during this comment period by March 31, 2014!


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