Sign the petition: Save the Amazon from another Big Oil disaster!

Jaime Vargas and his Achuar people are guardians of a spectacular land teeming with one-of-a-kind plants and animals. But Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, is racing to sell off the Achuar's rainforest home and the neighboring Yasuni National Park to greedy international oil companies.

The president is determined to put profit ahead of his own people -- even though they're still suffering from Chevron's decades-old oil disaster.

More than 1 million people have stood up to save Ecuador's threatened rainforests -- now it's time for the SierraRise community to join the fight. Let's stand with Jaime and all Ecuadorians and flood the president's inbox with 50,000 messages!

Tell Ecuador's President Rafael Correa: The world is watching -- protect the irreplaceable Amazon and halt all plans for oil drilling!
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Ecuador oil sludge - AmazonWatch

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