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  • Chief, Office of Oil, Gas & Minerals, DEQ Hal Fitch


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MDEQ-OOGM: Public Comments for Stronger Fracking Rules

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for this opportunity to submit my comments on the new DEQ OOGM rules for oil and natural gas drilling and fracking. I am glad the DEQ agrees that our state's water, air, and communities deserve better protection from the potential hazards of these industrial activities. Residents deserve to know what chemicals are being injected into the ground.

I feel that the Michigan DEQ should not hand over the responsibility of tracking chemicals used to an industry-run website. The Michigan DEQ should be in control of all information related to drilling for oil and natural gas in our state. If our own regulatory agency does not keep this information, then we are vulnerable to information omissions and misrepresentations.

Pure Michigan is the Great Lakes State. Michiganders deserve tough standards, tough enough to protect all we hold dear about our state. Please strengthen the rules for oil and natural gas drilling and fracking.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to share my input.

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