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Hold Rep. Rigell Accountable for Bad Vote in Support of Big Polluters

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Last Thursday, Rep. Scott Rigell voted YES on a bill that would block the EPA from setting limits on carbon pollution from new power plants.  Hard to believe considering his district’s severe vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise and more frequent and severe storms . Unlike other air emissions, there are currently no federal limits on how much CO2 pollution power plants can spew into the atmosphere. That is wrong, and needs to change. 

Not only would carbon pollution standards protect the health of our families and communities by reducing the threats of climate change, it would reduce the risk of toxic spills like the coal ash that is devastating the Dan River, and pave the way for clean energy technologies, like wind power, to prove their worth. Instead of standing up for what’s right for our health and economy, Rep. Rigell quietly let wind industry incentives expire at the end of last year, and is standing with big polluters to protect fossil fuels.  This from Virginia’s 2nd district representative , where the investment tax credit (ITC) for wind energy could support t over 10,000 jobs building and maintaining Virginia offshore wind farms.

Let’s get this thing blowing.  We need clean energy now! Please send Rep. Rigell the message that it’s time to put the health and welfare of his constituents first. Stop cow-towing to Big Polluters who are not only bent on drilling and burning dirty fossil fuels and exasperating climate disruption, but also shutting down renewables like wind and solar.  


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Disappointed in your support of H.R. 3826

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am very disappointed that you voted in support of Rep. Whitfield's H.R. 3826, aka the Polluter Protection Act.

The second congressional district covers one of the nation's most vulnerable areas to sea level rise a result of climate change and the carbon pollution emanating from coal plants.

Put the health and welfare of your constituents first. Stop voting with the Big Polluters and the Koch brothers who are not only bent burning dirty fossil fuels and opposing efforts to address climate change, but also shutting down renewables like wind and solar.

Your silence on supporting wind energy is bad; your vote for Big Polluters is worse.

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