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Who is Virginia's Biggest Climate Polluter? Dominion Virginia Power, of course!  

And Dominion's proposed 15 year energy plan ("Integrated Resource Plan" or IRP, for short) would actually increase their carbon pollution by 37%. That's a 37% increase when the climate science tells us we need to be reducing our carbon pollution.

Sierra Club is dedicated to reigning in big polluters like Dominion, and you'll be hearing more about our plans to do so in coming months, but right now we'd like you to send your objections to the State Corporation Commission which is currently reviewing Dominion's climate killing Integrated Resources Plan.


  • Virginia State Commissioners


RE: Dominion Integrated Resource Plan PUE-2013-00088

Dear  [Decision Maker],

As a Virginia electric utility customer, I want Dominion Virginia Power to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency to secure a clean, reliable energy future for the commonwealth.

According to an August 2013 report by a team of independent research firms, the company could meet a greater percentage of its future energy needs through energy efficiency, wind and solar power at a lower cost to its customers than building two new fossil-fired power plants. The historic and recent volatility of natural gas prices, the rising costs of nuclear power and future limits on carbon pollution make energy efficiency, wind and solar the least cost and least risky option for meeting our electricity needs.

Unfortunately, Dominion plans to increase its reliance on fossil fuel-fired power at a higher cost to utility customers rather than invest in clean energy resources. This will lock Virginia into more pollution, causing greater public health and environmental impacts, including increased carbon pollution that contributes to rising sea levels and stronger storms.

The SCC is tasked with finding that Dominion's IRP is reasonable and in the public interest, but Dominion's plan is unreasonable and only furthers its own interests.

Please require Dominion to develop a plan that accelerates investments in clean energy resources.

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