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Tell MDE: No Air Permit for Proposed Myersville Compressor Station!

Residents of the small rural town of Myersville in Frederick County (population 1,600) have spent many long months fighting the efforts of Virginia-based Dominion Power to build a 16,000-horsepower natural gas compression station in their community. 

Proposed site of Dominion natural gas compressor station inA compressor station is a facility equipped with turbines, engines, and generates to pressurize natural gas and move it through a pipeline system. Myersville citizens argue that the proposed compressor station would pollute their town and put its residents’ life and health in danger. 

Explosions at several natural gas facilities in the past few years (New JerseyWest VirginiaOklahoma) have caused deaths and injuries and forced evacuations of entire communities. And yet, Dominion wants to put one of these just a mile away from the elementary school in Myersville.

Myersville residents also argue that, despite its claims to the contrary, Dominion plans to use the compressor station to transport natural gas to its proposed export terminal at Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay. Most of this gas would be extracted from nearby states using the dangerous and dirty method of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” which has already caused severe harm to families and communities throughout the region and the country. 

In order to move ahead with its plans, Dominion has applied for an air quality permit from the Maryland Department of the Environment. This air permit should not be granted!


Compressor station Susquehanna PA after fire 2012 Richelle BThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology released a study last August that found that a greater percentage of Maryland residents die prematurely from long-term exposure to air pollution than any other state. While the problem is especially bad in Baltimore, which has the highest emissions-related mortality rate of large cities in the country, conditions in Frederick are nearly as bad. Rural Myersville, which is only ten miles northwest of Frederick just off of Interstate 70, already suffers from urban-level air pollution. A compressor station would only make the situation worse, emitting tens of thousands of pollutants that are known to harm human healt

Confronting lawsuits, misinformation, and a lack of support from state of Maryland, the residents of tiny Myersville have shown remarkable spirit and resourcefulness in confronting wealthy and powerful Dominion. Show your support for their fight to prevent a project that would be disastrous for both Marylanders and people throughout the region by telling MDE to reject Dominion’s application for an air permit!

Above: photo of proposed site in Myersville. Below: Susquehanna PA compressor station aftermath of fire & explosion in March 2012

Ask MDE to stand strong against the wealthy and powerful Dominion and by denying the air pollution permit!


  • Ms. Shannon Heafey


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Please reject the permit for the proposed Dominion natural gas compressor station in Myersville

Dear [Decision Maker],

The proposed natural gas compressor station in Myersville is a project that would be disastrous for people in Myersville and people throughout the region.

I urge MDE to deny the air permit for the proposed Myersville natural gas compressor station.

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