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Haze pollution from dirty Texas coal-fired power plants is threatening the beautiful and pristine places you love so much. This pollution is causing visibility problems in Big Bend National Park, Wichita Mountains National Refuge and Caney Creek Wilderness Area and destroying the scenic views you live to see every year. Right now, the EPA has the chance to make a difference by implementing a federal plan for Texas that would hold the polluters accountable and protect our magnificent outdoors.

Urge EPA to hold Texas coal-fired power plants accountable and ask them to implement a federal plan that restores the beauty of the national parks and refuges that we love so much. The decision is being finalized as you are reading this and it is vital to have strong haze pollution regulations to prevent further damage to federal lands in the region.

Send a valentine story to the EPA letting them know how much you LOVE your national parks and refuges.

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