Protect our wildlife from toxic lead poisoning!

The NRA has fought to keep poisonous lead ammunition on the shelves -- spreading misinformation and attacking Sierra Club supporters, scientists, and even zoos. Now the NRA's launching its biggest attack yet, pushing an extremist bill that would strip the EPA of its ability to keep toxic lead ammo and fishing tackle out of the environment.

This deadly piece of legislation has already passed the House -- but together, we can still stop it in the Senate.

We've already fought back once before and won. Last fall, SierraRise supporters like you stood up to the NRA -- and California passed the nation's first ban on toxic lead ammo.

Tell your senators: Stand up to the NRA and oppose the SHARE Act to protect our wildlife from lead ammunition!
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PRG_SR eagle
Photo: Pen Waggener, CC BY 2.0

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