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Virginia Legislators: We want more clean energy jobs!

solarjobs.jpgThe Virginia legislature is currently considering legislation (Senate Bill 653) that would support more renewable energy projects and jobs in the state. The bill would create a grant program for new renewable projects, helping to grow our state markets and bring in new jobs.

Legislators need to hear from Virginians that we support more solar and renewable energy jobs!

Take action here to send a message to your Delegate telling them how important local clean energy jobs are to Virginians.

Please share your story! Are you unemployed? Do you think more solar would be good for Virginia's economy? 


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you vote for SB653, a bill to grow our clean energy economy by creating a grant program for new renewable energy projects in Virginia.

Virginia currently ranks 39th in the country per capita for solar jobs. With our strong workforce and pro-business policies, it's hard to believe that we don't have more clean energy jobs in the state. Passing SB653 would help jump-start Virginia's solar and renewable energy markets, bringing more well-paid solar installation jobs to our state. These are jobs that can't be shipped overseas.

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