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Petition: Pepsi, please protect our water!

As a major company, PepsiCo has a responsibility to protect water and our climate. But PepsiCo also operates the largest private vehicle fleet in the United States -- and is a major consumer of oil -- so it also has a unique responsibility to show leadership on rejecting the most extreme sources of oil, like tar sands.

As if the climate damage from tar sands wasn't enough, toxic waste from tar sands mining contains ammonia, cyanide, arsenic and other known carcinogens, which are then dumped into massive leaky "lakes" of poisonous wastewater. As a result, cancer rates are rising in local indigenous communities.

Tar sands mining is destroying wilderness and replacing it with poisoned water. This is not something a major beverage company should have any part of. Sign the petition below to tell Pepsi's CEO Indra Nooyi that it's time to ditch the tar sands and protect water!
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Toxic Tar Sands Tailings Pond

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PepsiCo - Stop polluting water, say NO to fuel from tar sands!

To PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

PepsiCo prides itself on your commitment to water stewardship. In particular, your company states, "We know that water is inherently local, so we strive to work on specific solutions for watersheds where we operate, to make more and better water available to local communities."

Yet PepsiCo's continued use of fuel made from tar sands tells a different story. Tar sands mining poisons vast amounts of water every day with ammonia, cyanide, arsenic and other known carcinogens, which are then dumped into massive leaky "lakes" of poisonous wastewater.

Significantly increased levels of these carcinogens have been found in watersheds as far as 50 miles away from the tar sands mining sites. Local indigenous communities have reported unusually high rates of rare types of cancer associated with these toxins, along with fish with severe deformities.

We urge you to show that PepsiCo's commitment to water is real, and to demonstrate that commitment by directing your company to stop using fuel made from tar sands in your tens of thousands of delivery vehicles. Other companies have already begun to source fuel from tar sands-free refineries and slash overall oil consumption -- and PepsiCo can do the same. When PepsiCo rejects tar sands, you will be exercising your power as an industry leader to protect human health and the climate. You will demonstrate a big step forward in water sustainability.

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