Protect our national parks from oil train explosions!

More oil was spilled from trains in 2013 than the last forty years combined. There's a major accident every month, putting millions of Americans at risk. The threat of spills and explosions from Big Oil's trains is so widespread, even Glacier National Park isn't safe!

Damaged wetlands in Alabama. Derailments in urban Philadelphia. 47 horrifying deaths in Canada. Yet every day, an enormous oil train rumbles through Glacier's gorgeous canyons, along rivers and pristine lakeshores, and right through downtown Whitefish, Montana.

Our country's railroads weren't built for oil as cargo -- it's time to stand together against oil spills in our national parks and beyond.

Tell the Department of Transportation: Enact strong safety standards for oil trains now!

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Image credit: Lac-Mégantic train explosion via Wikipedia and Glacier National Park via Flickr user Loco Steve, CC BY-2.0

Glacier National Park

Lac Megantic, Quebec train explosion

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