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Build it Right-- or Not at All!

notraffic.jpgNow is the time to tell your legislators to support transportation choices in Northern Virginia. 

The General Assembly is considering two bills that would move the region backward in its efforts to create a more balanced transportation network. House Bill 1244 mandates a study of new Potomac River bridge crossings -- even though these crossings would fuel sprawl and divert investment from fixing priority commuter corridors. House Bill 2 would restrict the criteria for selecting transportation projects to narrow guidelines that favor new roads over transit, walking and bicycling. 

Contact your Senator and Delegate today. Let them know you oppose a new Potomac River crossing study and oppose legislation that would limit the criteria for selecting transportation projects.


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Vote NO on HB2 & HB1244

Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to oppose two pieces of transportation related legislation in the General Assembly, HB 1244 and HB 2.

HB 1244 mandates that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) study a new potential bridge crossing of the Potomac River into Maryland. Several past studies have shown that a new bridge crossing will not alleviate congestion on the existing bridges. Also a new crossing will encourage new roadways, such as the controversial, Bi-County Parkway in Prince William and Loudoun Counties, which in turn will lead to more sprawl development, lost open space, more congestion, and harmful air and water pollution. The mandated study would also be a waste of VDOT resources because Maryland has long opposed the building of another bridge across the Potomac.

Please vote against both HB 1244 and HB 2 so that we do not encourage more sprawl development in Northern Virginia and further limit funding for cleaner transportation alternatives.

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