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Tell Chemung County to Look at the Dangers of Radioactive Gas Drilling Waste

Tens of thousands of tons of radioactive drilling waste pour over the border every year from Pennsylvania fracking sites into NY landfills, threatening public health and water quality.

Right now there is a proposal to expand the Chemung County Landfill in the Towns of Lowman and Chemung in Chemung County, NY, dramatically increasing the amount of drilling waste this facility can accept. Send a message to the Chemung County Legislature telling them New York should not be PA's dumping ground!

The Chemung landfill is one of five landfills in New York currently accepting various types of shale gas drilling wastes from Pennsylvania according to data released by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP).  Some have estimated that as much as 30% of Pennsylvania’s shale gas drilling waste is coming to New York. In the past two years alone more than 300,000 tons of drilling fluid waste and cuttings have entered NY waste facilities.

Incredibly, the Chemung County Legislature, as lead agency for the environmental review of the expansion, is proposing to allow the expansion without any consideration of the fact that the drilling wastes from the black shales that underlie New York and Pennsylvania are known to contain uranium, radium, radon and other radioactive elements. The Chemung County landfill  is not properly equipped to safely handle or dispose of radioactive waste.

Tell the Chemung County Legislature that they need to study the environmental and public health impacts of radioactive drilling wastes before allowing any more of these wastes in their landfill.

Comments on the Chemung landfill application are due by March 4 and we urge all of our members and friends to take action! 

Thank you for taking action on this issue!


  • Ms Linda Palmer


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Consider the Impacts of Radioactive Gas Drilling Waste - Chemung Landfill

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I urge the Chemung County legislature to consider the environmental and health impacts of accepting radioactive gas drilling wastes in the County landfill, which is not equipped to handle radioactive and other hazardous wastes in your environmental review of the proposed landfill expansion.

Thank you.

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