Don't let corporations censor the Internet!

This is disturbing: Thanks to a new court ruling, corporations like ALEC-members Verizon and Comcast are allowed to censor what you can read online.

An important federal court struck down "net neutrality" rules -- protections that make sure Internet providers can't block or charge more for certain content. Without those regulations, a corporate polluter or tea-party billionaire could buy an Internet provider and start blocking climate websites. That level of censorship seems like something that can't happen in a democracy, but with net neutrality gone, it would be perfectly legal for corporations to get away with it here.

The good news is that it's not too late to fix things -- the Court said the FCC can write new rules. It's up to us to make sure they do!

Tell the FCC below: Keep our Internet free and open. Pass net neutrality rules today!

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Photo Credit: Flickr user Guerretto, CC BY-2.0

Social Media Photo Credit: yellow-submarine7, CC BY-3.0

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