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Support the 2014 Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bill

Representative Deb Ruggiero's Renewable Energy Tax Credit Act (H7083), sponsored by  Josh Miller in the Senate (S2213), will reduce global warming emissions and put Rhode Islanders back to work. And the kicker is that it won't cost taxpayers anything. The economic activity generated by the installation of solar panels on roofs around Rhode Island will generate more revenues from taxable income than the credits given out.

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Support the Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Dear [Decision Maker],

No part of the Rhode Island economy has been hurt more than our building trades. At the same time, no state has more to lose from the growing threat of global warming and associated sea level rise. There's a simple thing we can do to address both situations without cost to Rhode Island taxpayers.

Reenact the Renewable Energy Tax Credit!

While the state risks nothing with this bill, we stand to prosper in numerous ways. The Renewable Energy Tax Credit Act is a win for Rhode Island, as it reduces our dependence on imported fossil fuels, reduces climate change pollution, propels us in the race toward clean energy, and puts Rhode Islanders back to work. What are we waiting for?!

I urge your support.

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