Protect the Arctic Refuge from Big Oil's greed!

Our most endangered national treasure, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is critical habitat for some of our most iconic creatures. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, who has been a staunch advocate for preserving the Arctic Refuge, told reporters, "It is an extraordinary place, you never look at nature in quite the same way once you've been there."

But Big Oil never sleeps and has launched its latest scheme. It was revealed that Arctic Power, an oil front-group, has launched a stealth campaign to quietly weasel their way into the Refuge -- and they've even called out the Sierra Club as a top enemy.

Standing together, we can make this the last year we ever have to fight to protect the Arctic Refuge. With a passionate champion like Secretary Jewell we finally have a chance to protect this amazing place.

Let's send 40,000 messages to Secretary Jewell asking her to protect the Arctic Refuge and its vital coastal plain from destructive fossil fuels!
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