Stand up to Monsanto's lobbyists: Let's label GMOs now!

It's easy to see why Monsanto was voted the world's most evil corporation for 2013.

In November, 20 environmental activists were brutally assaulted for protesting the biotech giant in Argentina -- and in the fall elections, the Big Ag corporation and maker of Agent Orange broke spending records to defeat a ballot initiative in Washington State that would simply label genetically engineered food (GMOs).

Monsanto thinks they can just buy a better image without changing anything else. They recently hired former Senator Blanche Lincoln and a high-powered PR firm to improve their reputation and help block more labeling initiatives in 2014.

The FDA has the power to enforce labeling and protect our health -- but not if we let Monsanto's lobbyists go unanswered.

Let's send 75,000 letters reminding our government to listen to we the people, not them the corporations and PR firms, and label GMOs now!

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Photo from Progress Ohio

Photo Credit: Progress Ohio, CC BY-2.0

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