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Stop Cobb County Funding for the Braves

Turner FieldSierra Club supports development patterns and transit improvements that conserve energy, water, land and building materials while enhancing the pleasure and safety of urban life and reducing travel distances. We support conserving open space, protecting and enhancing the quality of urban life, conserving urban infrastructure, and using resources wisely. The Braves proposal to relocate to the Cumberland area is inconsistent with these principles, and the Georgia Chapter opposes the public funding from Cobb County which will make it possible.

1. Open Space
Open space and active recreation facilities are severely lacking in the Cumberland area. The proposed stadium site, which is currently a 60-acre wooded parcel would be an ideal location  for a new park with playing fields. Clear cutting most of the existing forested 60-acre parcel and replacing it with buildings will negatively affect the watershed with more pollution and runoff. Rottenwood Creek is especially important to our Centennial Group, who have been testing water quality just south of the proposed stadium site as part of the Adopt-a-Stream program for over a decade.

Our local Centennial Group supported the 2008 bond referendum parkland. Redirecting that tax increase for parks to pay for the bonds that finance the stadium for another 30 years without public referendum is a bait and switch tactic which we oppose.

2. Preserving our Culture and Heritage
As our organization just celebrated its 121st birthday, preserving our culture and heritage is a value Sierrans share. As Metro Atlantans, we believe that the Centennial Olympic Games are one of our city’s most important historic events, and demolishing our Olympic Stadium will destroy the most visible evidence of our entrance on to the international stage.

3. Compact Urban Form
The urban form surrounding Turner Field - attributes like small blocks, sidewalks, parks, schools and community centers - while in need of reinvestment, is the basis for living without depending on a personal vehicle. The super-sized blocks of the Cumberland Mall area necessitate auto trips and are not conducive to walking, biking or transit.

4. Access to Rail
Plans have been discussed for years about improving bus transit or adding rail service to the Cumberland area, but until the financial commitment is there, Sierra Club cannot support a major investment of public funds in a quasi-public space that is not easily and affordably accessible by fixed-guideway transit. The Connect Cobb project is only at the end of the Alternatives Analysis phase, and it’s future is nowhere near certain, as no local funding has been committed and federal New Starts funding is dependent on local funding.

5. Resource Waste
Finally, it is simply wasteful to demolish a stadium less than twenty years old.


  • Board Chairman - Cobb County Board of Commissioners - At-Large Tim Lee
  • Commissioner - Cobb County Board of Commissioners - District 1 Helen Goreham
  • Commissioner - Cobb County Board of Commissioners - District 4 Lisa Cupid
  • Commissioner - Cobb County Board of Commissioners - District 3 Jo Ann 'JoAnn' Birrell
  • Board Vice Chairman - Cobb County Board of Commissioners - District 2 Bob Ott


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Please Delay or Oppose Decision on Public Money for the Braves

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Please either delay the Tuesday vote until you can hear from more of your constituents, or vote against this secret, inside deal.

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