Protect miners from Big Coal's deadly greed

A hardworking miner in Appalachian coal country, Gary's lungs were choked and hardened by deadly black lung disease. The coal industry is required to compensate him and his family -- but Big Coal had other ideas.

An explosive new report documents how Gary and thousands of other miners were denied that money by an elite team of lawyers and doctors who lied and hid evidence.

Outraged, Senators Bob Casey and Jay Rockefeller have pledged to introduce legislation to set things right for the miners. But you can bet the coal companies and their lawyers are going to fight every step of the way. 

Send your message and tell Senators Casey and Rockefeller to pass legislation to protect our nation's miners and ensure Big Coal pays the true cost of dirty coal! 

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    Senator Jay Rockefeller and Senator Robert P. Casey
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Photo Credit: Peterp via Flickr, CC by 2.0

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