Tell Mayor Castro he must make CPS ENERGY a Real Clean Energy Leader if they want to raise rates!

Solar Panels

Now is the time to tell our Mayor to make CPS Energy the clean energy leader in Texas. While CPS Energy has made real investments and commitment to solar, wind and energy efficiency, and has also announced it will close the dirty Deely Coal Plant by 2018, more needs to be done to make San Antonio the Clean Energy leader of Texas. CPS Energy is asking city council to approve an electricity rate increase of 4.25% for all residential customers. Sierra Club is joining other consumer rights and environmental groups to demand real changes before any rate increase is approved. 

Specifically, we want City Council to: 

Demand CPS Energy raise the total energy-efficiency and demand-reduction goal from 771 MW to 1,200 MWs by the year 2020. 

Require CPS Energy to prioritize energy efficiency aimed at helping working families and people on fixed incomes, creating programs to bring homes into code compliance and coordinating measures aimed at conserving water, gas and electricity;

Commission an impartial study of the possible impacts for energy conservation and for household budgets of changing CPS Electricity rates to a tiered rate structure where those who use more would pay more, but the lowest tier would pay less than the current rate.

Finally, it is also time for City Council to adopt the 2012 IECC energy codes for new residential and commercial buildings, and more efficient homes and businesses will help save San Antonio money on electricity bills. 

Please consider coming to the public hearing on this issue on November 6th between 6 and 8 p.m. at the Municipal Plaza at 114 W. Commerce Street. RSVP Here!


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