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We've known for decades that carbon wrecks our health and our climate, and power plants are one of our nation's top sources. Their pollution fuels climate disruption -- it makes wildfires burn hotter and droughts last longer. Warm summer weekends become scorching heatwaves and floods become disasters. Unlimited carbon pollution means more smog, more asthma attacks, and more climate disruption. 

And there's literally no limit to how much carbon polluters are allowed to dump into our air.

The good news is that our U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is getting ready to finalize the first-ever protections against carbon pollution from new power plants and you can make sure these new safeguards get across the finish line.

Join the millions of voices that have already asked the EPA to protect our communities from carbon pollution. 

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Dear Administrator McCarthy, [Decision Maker],

Along with all 2.1 million Sierra Club members and supporters, I urge you to move forward with the strongest possible safeguards against industrial carbon pollution from new coal and gas-burning power plants.

Carbon pollution is the main contributor to climate disruption and is linked to life-threatening air pollution like asthma-inducing smog, making it a serious hazard to Americans' health and future.

Power plants are some of our nation's top sources of this dangerous pollutant.

While standards for gas plants will need to be strengthened, I strongly support the new standards to clean up dangerous carbon pollution from new coal power plants. Coal plants are the source of an enormous proportion of the climate pollution facing our nation, and their pollution from the Midwest is a major contributor to dirty air problems in Maine.

As we continue the transition to clean energy solutions, it's vital that our communities are protected from that pollution. The proposed standards for coal plants are an important and necessary step.

More than 3.2 million comments were submitted calling for the EPA to take climate action during 2012. Please add my name to that list of Americans who are ready for our government to protect our families, our communities, and our climate from dangerous and destructive carbon pollution.

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