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Please send a letter to the Electric Utility Restructuring Oversight Committee.

Merrimack Station in Bow, NH 2012

They will be issuing a report by the end of the month to determine the future of NH’s coal plants. We are asking the Committee not to ignore the health risks and to recommend that NH retire its aging coal facilities.

Currently, the committee is focused on divestiture. “Divestiture” requires the utility to sell the power plants. The buyer, if there is one, could keep the plants running. PSNH wants to cut a deal with the legislature that requires ratepayers to pay 100% of the stranded costs, meaning the costs not covered by the sale.

New Hampshire Sierra Club supports retiring the plants because of the unacceptable health risks. The World Health Organization just this month issued a report stating that coal pollution causes cancer (1). When the plants are retired, the ratepayers should not bear the burden of the entire stranded costs. Senator Bradley and others have said the costs should be fairly shared by PSNH and the ratepayers. We can begin to rebuild a cleaner and more efficient future that will make New Hampshire a better place for everyone.

Help send the message that we need to start building the clean energy future we know will reduce the impact on climate disruption and improve our public health. 


1. World Health Organization press release:


  • State Representative David A. Borden
  • State Representative Robert 'Bob' A. Backus
  • State Senator Jeb E. Bradley III
  • State Representative Jacqueline 'Jackie' A. Cali-Pitts
  • State Representative James 'Jim' E. Devine
  • State Representative Laurence 'Larry' M. Rappaport
  • State Senator Martha Fuller Clark


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The TIme to Move Beyond Coal in NH

Dear Honorable  [Decision Maker],

As a legislative committee that will have a state-wide impact, I urge you to help create a clean energy future for our state that also protects the public health of families like mine.

Public Service Company of New Hampshire's (PSNH) polluting coal power plants, Merrimack Station, Schiller and Newington, are too expensive to run and too dangerous to ignore.

These aging plants are the largest source of both air and water pollution in New Hampshire. They make people sick. The air emissions from the plants trigger attacks for people with asthma, bronchitis and other acute and chronic lung diseases. The thermal pollution from the plants' cooling water kills fish and aquatic life, wildlife essential to healthy watersheds.

The escalating costs of operating these plants have made the plants uneconomical. The plants cannot compete with newer, cheaper and cleaner sources of electricity.

The time has come to retire these plants. There are both cleaner and cheaper sources of electricity for New Hampshire. As long as investments continue to pour into the antiquated coal plants, we will deny our children and future generations a clean and healthy energy future.

Again thank you for your service and consideration.

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