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Policy Makers Need to Hear the Truth About Fracking!  


Last spring hundreds of Michigan Sierra Club volunteers attended regional forums or submitted comments about Michigan's energy future.

Now, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) has released the third draft report from a series of 4, called Additional Areas Draft Report, and they need your input by OCTOBER 22. 

The report makes some false assumptions about hydraulic fracturing and we need to set the record straight, and to urge policy makers to focus instead on increasing and meeting renewable energy targets of up to 40%, or even higher, given the resources we have in Michigan today.

Now, it's up to us to make sure our state embraces its clean energy potential.

Submit your comments on the draft report and tell policymakers it's time to expand Michigan's renewable energy use.

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Dear State of Michigan Policymakers,

It's time for Michigan to push pause on fracking and concentrate instead on more clean renewable energy, and making all our energy use more efficient. That way Michiganders, business owners, and corporations can expend fewer dollars for energy, and instead create more jobs and a more vibrant economy for Michigan. Plus, we'll protect our clean air, water, and communities at the same time, a win-win proposition.

Renewable energy is the cheapest form of new generation and Michigan should increase its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The cost of renewable energy has declined significantly in recent years due to technological advances. In fact, the cost of wind generation in Michigan has dropped by half in just the five years Michigan's RPS has been in place. Michigan can easily meet a 40% by 2035 RPS while cutting the cost caps included in the 2008 legislation in half.

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