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Tell State Decision Makers to Support Offshore Wind

Rhode Island has the opportunity to be the national leader in the offshore wind industry, and you can help. Below is an editable email that takes just a minute to send in support of the proposed Block Island Wind Farm, which will be the first offshore wind farm in the United States if Rhode Island seizes this moment.

Personalize the message text on the right with your own words, if you wish. Complete the form below with your information. Then simply click the Send Message button to send your letter to the appropriate Rhode Island decision makers.


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Please approve the Scarborough Route for the BIWF

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing today to urge you to approve the plan for running the power cables of the Block Island Wind Farm under Scarborough State Beach. Your support will advance this important renewable energy project.

The Block Island Wind Farm gives us all an opportunity to benefit from the renewable and reliable energy that we need to move away from the dirty fossil fuel energy that is rapidly heating the planet and threatening the health of our bay.

Plus, the project will jumpstart a new clean-tech industry in Rhode Island, putting many Rhode Islanders to work on a cutting-edge renewable energy project that will serve as the model for larger projects. I can't think of a better use of Rhode Islanders' skillsets or the Quonset Point facility than for a landmark renewable energy project like this one.

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