Take a Stand Against Ken Cuccinelli's Extreme Agenda for Virginia!

Too Extreme Ken

On November 5th, you have the opportunity to stop Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s extreme agenda. With your voice and your vote, you can send the message that Virginia deserves better.

Why is Extreme Ken so extreme? Just look at his record.

He's an Extreme Sellout: Cuccinelli's office is under investigation for helping an out-of-state energy company that ripped off Virginia families -- the same energy company that gave Cuccinelli more than $100,000 in campaign cash.

He's got Extreme Priorities: As part of his lifelong attack on climate science, Cuccinelli wasted taxpayer dollars and abused his office attacking UVa over a professor's climate science research he didn't like and blocking critical clean air safeguards.

He’s guilty of Extreme Neglect: Cuccinelli has single-handedly stood in the way of job-creating projects and life-saving protections that keep our communities safe from pollution, leaving Virginia families out to dry while his campaign contributors rake in the profits.

And that's just a small sample. 

Take a stand. Tell Ken Cuccinelli his extreme agenda is wrong for Virginia. Add your name to those saying enough is enough, grow our numbers, then find out how you can get involved here. 


Dear Mr. Cuccinelli,

I am standing with the Sierra Student Coalition to tell you that your extreme agenda hurts Virginians like me. Selling out our state to help campaign contributors, wasting our resources attacking UVa over climate science, and killing job-creating projects is not a plan for Virginia.

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