Tell Ken Cuccinelli: Put VA First!

Tell Ken Put VA First

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is running for governor of Virginia on his record. But what is that record exactly?

Cuccinelli wasted taxpayer funded resources to help defend the Consol Energy coal and gas company from a lawsuit filed by Virginia land owners... all while Consol Energy gave more than $140,000 to his campaign.

He gutted a unanimous bi-partisan bill that would protect Virginians against big gas companies, prioritizing polluter profits over Virginia families.

He wasted half a million dollars in taxpayer money to attack University of Virginia professors for teaching science, embarrassing the state and abusing his office.

Tell Ken you've had enough of pay-to-play politics and his abuse of taxpayer resources. It's time to put Virginia's environment and families above polluter profits!


Dear Mr. Cuccinelli,

It's time to stop wasting our taxpayer dollars defending companies that pollute our great Commonwealth, hurting our families and communities for generations to come.

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