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We Need More Public Input on Environmental Permits

Tell the Governor and DEP you want more public input on environmental permits!

Do you feel that Pennsylvania's decisions on environmental permits are not open and transparent?  Do you believe that the Department of Environmental Protection is listening to the public?  If not, now is the time to speak up!
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The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has proposed revisions to its public participation policy for permits that it issues. But there is a strikingly big problem. It doesn't change the status quo that Pennsylvania residents have had to live with – that the public is largely shut out of the decision-making process regarding gas drilling and other permits that have far-reaching impacts.  In fact, the new policy applies only to those permits which legally require public comment or are listed in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.  

The truth is some of the greatest damage being done today to communities and our environment is not subject to public input. DEP's proposal keeps it that way.

Please write and tell them you want MORE public access to public documents and meaningful participation in the permits it issues because the present state of affairs is unacceptable!

The deadline for comments is Aug. 27.


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Tell the Governor and DEP you want more public input on environmental permits

Dear [Decision Maker],

I want my input into DEP permit decisions to count. Open and transparent governance is the keystone to democracy. Often citizens have important information and perspective and have valuable input that must be considered by DEP when they make permit decisions. These decisions directly affect me, my family, and my community and it is fair that we be allowed to participate meaningfully.

I support opening the permit process to the public and expanding public participation in government operations.

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