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  • Ms. Diane Brusoe


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to urge the WDNR to adopt a Master Plan for the Sauk Prairie Recreation area that follows the Badger Reuse Plan by allowing for ecological restoration, low-impact recreation, and environmental education.

The historic Sauk Prairie was once some of the finest tall-grass prairie - oak savanna in Wisconsin. Restoring this unique area, situated at the base of the ancient Baraboo Hills, below Devil's Lake State Park, along the valley of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway, offers one of the greatest opportunities for large-scale conservation in southern Wisconsin in years.

This remarkable landscape provides critical habitat to declining grassland birds and other species of sensitive native plants and animals, including the eastern & western meadowlark, dickcissel, and bobolink. Protecting large tracts of high quality habitat is more important than ever as climate change impacts become more pronounced in Wisconsin.

I urge you to seriously consider the balanced approach described above that protects sensitive species while still allowing recreational access and high quality environmental education in this wonderful area.

Thank you for considering my concerns.

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