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Montgomery County Residents, we are seeking standing declarants who are current Sierra Club members who live or work in the county, and who possibly have health concerns (asthma or other respiratory illnesses) or other interests (hiking, biking, running, etc.) that are affected by bad air quality and ozone.

A standing declaration generally just shows the court that the Sierra Club has members who are affected by the problem in the area and has the right to sue on behalf of those members. The time commitment would be very minimal. I would interview you for about 30 minutes, draft a declaration that summarizes your story and experience, email it to you for editing, and when it is finalized you would have to sign it and scan/email or fax it back to me. So the total time involved could potentially be about an hour and you could have a huge impact on the air quality in your region! 

Please email me back by clicking the send button below if you are interested in learning more about the case and serving as a declarant. The declarations must be finalized by early September, so time is of the essence.


  • Legal Assistant Isabelle Riu


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