Support Community Solar for Solar Equality

Support Community Solar for Solar Equality

Solar is cheaper now than ever before and Austin's solar goals need updating to help our city benefit from a thriving solar economy.

City Council's Austin Local Solar Advisory Committee (LSAC) unanimously recommended that Council adopt a 400 megawatt (MW) solar goal by  2020.  By 2020, 400 MW would only be about 6% of all the energy we use  – an achievable and affordable goal to move Austin toward cleaner energy goals.

It's not every day that environmental, consumer, commercial and solar industry advocates can all agree, but that's what the LSAC did last year when each and every member of the committee voted in favor of the recommendations in A Strategic Plan for Local Solar in Austin.

Now it's time for City Council to adopt those recommendations and make sure that Austin Energy's solar programs are fully funded.

Popular community solar programs in other states and cities allow renters and those who can't put solar on their own roofs a chance to benefit directly from solar. Austin Energy says they'll have such a program for us by the end of 2013.  Let's get City Council to hold Austin Energy to that deadline.

Expanding access to solar will help us achieve larger solar goals and will make our system more equitable too.

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Adopt 400MW solar goal and expand solar programs and funding

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