Fox in the Henhouse! Tell the State Legislature to Investigate Maine DEP's Patty Aho

State House

Earlier this month, the Portland Press Herald brought to light the scandal that Maine Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Patty Aho has "acted against a range of consumer protection, pollution reduction and climate preparedness laws she had previously tried but failed to stop from passing the Legislature as a lobbyist for chemical, drug, oil and automobile companies." The report also found that DEP employees "have been pressured not to vigorously implement or enforce these laws, which were long opposed by companies represented by the commissioner's former law firm."

Given this betrayal of the public trust, it's unacceptable that Gov. LePage has ignored calls to replace Commissioner Aho. That's why it's so important for the Legislature's Government Oversight Committee to move forward with a probe into her actions.

Please contact the committee's co-chairs Sen. Emily Cain and Rep.Chuck Kruger to urge them to begin their committee's investigation immediately.

You can also call Sen. Cain at (207) 287-1515 and Rep. Kruger at (207) 287-1430. Tell the staffer who answers the phone that you'd like to leave a message and give them your information (like what city you're from).


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Dear [Decision Maker],

In light of the Portlnd Press Herald's recent expose series, I am writing to urge you to move forward the Government Oversight Committee's investigation into Maine Department of Environmental Protection commissioner Patty Aho.

Thank you for your attention to this serious issue.

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