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Urge Governor McDonnell to Keep the Ban on Uranium Mining

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Earlier this year, thanks to widespread citizen support for Virginia’s 30-year moratorium on uranium mining and milling, a proposed bill that would have overturned this ban in the General Assembly was dropped by its sponsor. However, since this victory, mining backers have begun pushing Governor McDonnell to ignore the legislature’s will and order his administration to draft regulations that would create a framework for mining in the state. These efforts, funded by Canadian mining interests, have already included flooding the governor’s office with pre-printed postcards and scripted calls.

State and local governments have already spent about 3 million dollars since 2010 studying this issue, and the findings show that mining would be a significant threat to drinking water, public health, and local economies. Mining would leave behind huge volumes of radioactive and toxic waste, which has been linked to leukemia, kidney disease, and health problems for centuries in Virginia.

We need to act now to ensure that the governor knows that Virginia’s citizens are staunchly opposed to uranium mining. Please sign this letter urging Governor McDonnell not to include uranium mining in his legacy as governor of Virginia.


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Respect Virginia's Ban on Uranium Mining

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing as a citizen of Virginia to urge you not to pursue regulations for uranium mining, which has been banned in Virginia for 30 years. This year, a bill that would have overturned the ban was defeated in the General Assembly, and I hope that you will respect the will of the General Assembly and Virginians across the state who are opposed to uranium mining. Over the last three years, 3 million dollars have been spent studying this issue, finding that uranium mining would put drinking water, human health, farmland, property values, wildlife, and tourism at risk in our state.

Please protect our health, our heritage, and our future. Respect the ban on uranium mining in Virginia!

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