Ask Gov. Martinez to allow emergency feeding of bears in Sandias

Bear Cub by Jim Robertson
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The severe drought has left bears in the Sandia Mountains with little in the way of natural food. With so many people inhabiting the foothills, it is difficult for bears to search for food without getting into trouble. The result is bears being killed simply because they are hungry.

Diversionary feeding would place food for bears away from people and livestock in wild areas. This does not habituate bears to feeding or make them dangerous. It would help them survive these very lean times.

N.M. Game and Fish has offered payments to ranchers to put out water for wildlife, but it is illegal to put out food for bears. That is just wrong in such an extreme year. New Mexico already kills too many bears to be sustainable. Let’s help those that remain survive this horrible drought year.

Please use the form below to ask Gov. Martinez to allow diversionary feeding of black bears in the Sandias. Modify the sample comment below to personalize your message if you'd like. 


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