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Georgia Coastal Marsh Land

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Please help preserve our special barrier island. We love Jekyll Island. #MarshIsNotLand @Jekyll_Island

It’s up to us to keep the 65-35 issue alive! Spread the word! Jekyll Island Authority needs to know you care! @Jekyll_Island #MarshIsNotLand

Help us! Day of Action to preserve Jekyll Island. Please Tweet & RT. Make @Jekyll_Island Authority hear us loud & clear! #MarshIsNotLand

Jekyll development is already over 35% limit. A concession has already been made to accommodate development. @Jekyll_Island #MarshIsNotLand

Care about GA’s coast? Tell @Jekyll_Island that #MarshIsNotLand. Please spread the word. #SaveTheBeach #Conservation

Encourage your legislators to support 65/35 law and limit @Jekyll_Island development to 1,472-acres. #MarshIsNotLand

Master Plan for Jekyll Island State Park must protect GA’s natural areas. @Jekyll_Island freeze development footprint! #MarshIsNotLand

Hey @Jekyll_Island: Please do not define tidal marsh as land. Uphold the 65-35 law. #MarshIsNotLand  #Conservation #SaveTheBeach



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